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Dangers Of Ineffective Communication Essay

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Dangers of Ineffective Communication

Successful client health care is dependent on effective communication between both the client and health care professionals and amongst health care professionals.   Care is client-centered and therefore individual; however, some generalities exist that affect the quality of care.   Clear, concise communication is one such element.
Effective communication between the client and the health care providers (HCPs) is important for everyone involved.   If the client initially provides incomplete information to the HCPs, this could cause unnecessary diagnostic tests, or the exclusion of a necessary test, which could further contribute to a worsening of the client’s health status. Consider the client who neglects to inform the HCP of the steel pin that was inserted in his hand as a child.   An MRI could cause serious damage if the magnetic fields of the MRI machine cause a shift in the pin location.   An ultrasound or x-ray may yield the same diagnostic results, without the potentially negative consequences to the client’s well-being.   Similarly, if the HCPs do not communicate clearly with the client, the client may become confused, uncertain or unhappy with the quality of care she is receiving, resulting in unwillingness to continue communicating.   The extreme consequence could be a client refusing to seek medical attention.   For example, if a nurse explains to a client when and how to take his medication following discharge, but neglects to verify the client understands, the client might not take the medication correctly, and may end up back in the hospital.   Also, a client who does not understand why certain tests are being performed, or seeks explanations for the reasoning behind her care without success, may feel neglected or marginalized.   If the client does not feel valued by the HCPs, she may delay seeking medical attention for a minor concern, causing it to escalate into a much larger problem.   It is therefore vital that the...

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