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Dante's Inferno Reading Log Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Dante’s Inferno

          Inferno, written by Dante Alighieri, is a novel about the main character/author, Dante, who is traveling through the circles of Hell led by the ghost Virgil. I found the book to be generally hard to comprehend as it was written and converted from Italian to English. Inferno is part of a series titled The Divine Comedy. However, I did not find much of it very humorous. Even though the book can be a bit dry, his travels through Hell can be quite entertaining and creative. Through the circles of Hell, Dante recognizes people he knows and learns of what happens to sinners after they die. Overall, Dante’s main goal is to reach the gates of Heaven and be reunited with his beloved Beatrice.

          The book begins with the main character Dante being lost in “the dark woods.”   Dante is met by the ghost Virgil and travels through the gates of Hell in order to reach Heaven. However, the book Inferno only focuses on his travels through the circles of Hell. As Dante views punishments in Hell, he often faints from the gruesomeness of them. Over time, his reaction to torture changes as he reflects them as a justice for sins. Another main character, Virgil, is a ghost that guides Dante through the depths of Hell. Virgil receives orders from an angel to lead Dante through Hell on a spiritual journey. As Virgil and Dante travel further through the rings of Hell his power seems to diminish. He is often forced to ask an angel for assistance to help further their travels. This helps them to bypass the beasts guarding the rings.Virgil and Dante are the only main characters as others are left out of multiple cantos.

    Dante Alighieri was a part of many cultural associations in Florence which provided his knowledge on religion (Furial). Because of this, Inferno contains religious allegories. For example, in the beginning of the first canto Dante is “Lost through the dark woods.” This can be found as a symbol of an alienation from god (Warner)....

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