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Dark Days Response Essay

  • Submitted by: singer114
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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In my opinion the society formed in Dark Days is a comparable entity to the everyday society we are accustomed to. It is a group of self sufficient members that abide by their own rules, underground laws and are familiarized with that lifestyle. Although their everyday activities may be foreign to us, they are a standard and acceptable form of survival. The components of culture that can be seen in this group situation are family, economy and religion. I believe that family and religion combine with the thought that the people residing underground live in a sanctified union. They have a respect for each other and work as one to make it to the next day. I believe that it is an economic culture because their survival is barely reliant on the use of monetary sustentation, and is contingent upon the resourcefulness of the group individuals. The group does assume a standard social hierarchy if you will. A status and role assignment occurs with the individuals personal gifts. Some become food providers, while others become head of council for the larger decisions that affect the larger society.   The social interactions I observed during this video were overall pleasant and cordial. They are happy to reside in their dark tunnels. This society of underground dwellers lives simply and can be considered a model for those residing on the streets above. A functionalist would agree with this form of society, because the main needs of the group are being satisfied. The main needs of food, shelter, and water are met, therefore serving the main needs for survival. A conflict theorist in this example would argue and question about the lack of government and education. This video is a positive reinforcement in the basic teachings of sociology; to enlighten and educate the masses about the diversity between different cultures and societies. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and have gained a better understanding for those that dwell underground and beneath the radar. I have...

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