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Darwins Experience Essay

  • Submitted by: keflae
  • on September 19, 2012
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Impact of Darwin’s Experience during the Voyage of the Beagle on His Idea of Natural Selection
      Darwin embarked on a two year sail on 27 December 1831. His experiences and during the journey complimented much of what had been of interest to him since childhood. The journey gave birth to one of his greatest theories on human origin. Notably, the journey influenced Darwin’s view of the world as seen from the records, books and films as “The Voyage of the Beagle (Naff 157). Darwin travelled to the coast of South America and areas around the cost.
      Darwin’s main interest was the differences he noted in the life forms found in different places. He recorded massive specimens of animals, plants, and fossils from the coast and from the surrounding areas such as jungle, grasslands, and desolate lands. In addition to these, he noted the variations between animals found here from those found in Britain. He highly attributed these differences to the differences noted in the climate of the respective regions (Naff 160).
How is Natural Selection At Odds With the Idea of Intelligent Design?
      Intelligent Design is seemingly not an evolutionary theory but a set of questions posed to evolution. It questions on the adequacy of Darwin evolution theory by natural selection without an alternative explanation (Ayala).   Since intelligence design does not provide simplified explanation, it does not qualify as a theory. The questions posed by intelligent design have answers well matched with the evolution theory.
      It is worth noting that intelligent design is not a contradiction to Darwin’s theory. This is because some of its main proponents like Michael Bahe comply with the concepts of the old earth and a common descent that are a central view of the evolution theory (Ayala). This implies a disagreement is only on the sufficiency of the theory of natural selection as an account to evolution. Intelligent design is...

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