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Data Report

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BSB123 Data Analysis Research Report

Student Name: Xinyi Wu (Christin) & Tianhong She (Terry)
Student Number: 9321977&9327932
Date: 12/04/2015
Semester One 2015
Word count:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3
2. Outliers 3
3. Distribution of Exam results 3
4. Possible influences on exam results 4
4.1 Impact of Gander 5
4.2 Impact of Quiz result 6
4.3 Impact of Impact of Lecture attendance 6
4.4 Impact of SGT attendance 8
5. Conclusion 10
6. The Appendix 10
7. Bibliography 11

Universities are one of the most important education institutions in Australia. The goal of the universities is to provide the excellent education experience for students. In addition, universities always find some ways to understand student performance and help them to achieve their further goals. The aim of this report is to analyze, summarize, and interpret the data provided. Firstly, it will be considered about the outliers, which will link to Z-Scores. Secondly, it will be analyze the distribution of the exam result and finally it will examine some potential factors, which may impact the exam performance, such as, Gander, quiz result, lecture attendance, and SGT attendance.
Outlier is an extreme value, which does not fit into the main body of the data. For example, it is unusually small or unusually large. These values fall outside of an overall trend that is present in the data. If the value of the data that observed was outlier, we need to consider some possibilities that we need to investigate. Firstly, there was an error in recording the value. Secondly, the point should not have been included in the sample. Thirdly, the observation was simply an unusually large or small value that belongs to the sample and that was recorded properly. The best way to check the outlier is to calculate the Z scores for each data value, therefore, we need to calculate the average and the standard deviation. Z score is the...

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