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Database Essay

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Systems Media
Systems Media Table: Comparison
Hazel Hofer
HCS 482
May 16, 2011

Systems Media Table: Comparison
Word Processor
Purpose - A word processor is used to write documents, letters, memos, reports, books, articles, notes and faxes.   It also can be used to create e-mail messages, produce meeting agendas and minutes as well as generating other written material.   Word processors allows text editing, spelling and grammar checks, page formatting, merging of mail files, creating, and producing small or large quantities of printed material such as labels and envelopes.   It can also produce a water mark on a paper that indentifies the group or individual who created the document therefore reducing the risk of plagiarism (Manchess, 1992).  
Examples -Ami Pro, JustWrite, Word for Windows, WordPerfect for Windows, XyWrite III plus, Adobe systems, Kid Works, DeskJet 500, Grammatik 5 for DOS, Professional Write Plus, The Writer's toolkit, FirstAid for Writers, Signature and Riverpoint Writer

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get better grades (Manchess, 1992) .
Uses - Word processors are used for literacy teaching and presentations.   Word processing software is used to type, edit, format, preview, and print word documents.   Software programs can employ macros or templates to force standardization among document production.   In health care templates are used to create uniformity amongst policy and procedure documents as well as communication templates (Mumtaz & Hammond, 2002).

Hierarchical Databases
Purpose - Hierarchical databases organizes data into a tree-like structure allowing for visual relationships to be used.   Within the tree arcs exist to shows corresponding data flow.   It uses the idea of parent/child to show relationship between groups.   Hierarchical databases are fast but considered inflexible because they can only show a one-to-many flow.   In...

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