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Dave Pelzer Essay

  • Submitted by: chamilion
  • on February 19, 2012
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Violence is all around us. There are many cases in the news but not all stories reach the public. This is because the victim fears retribution from the abuser and they fear what the public will say about them (Huffman, 2008). In times past, it was not something widely recognized. Others assumed it was the business of the household, something private and they should not get involved. One brave man told his story, it is proof that sacrifices will be made to help someone out of a living hell. In this paper, I will discuss the abuser, the abused, the life-ling consequences, and the resources we now have available to help them.
In the beginning of David’s life, everything was good. He referred to it as the “Brady Bunch” (Pelzer, p.17). His family was the typical American family. The dad worked as a firefighter and the mom kept the home fires burning. They had family vacations to the Russian River and went on family picnics. Everything seemed normal until one day, at the age of four; David was a “bad boy”.
The change in David’s treatment at home was drastic. Starting with the typical corner punishment, it quickly spiraled out of control. There was always yelling and screaming, and at one point, his face was smashed into a mirror. The abuse gets worse from there. His mother yanked his arm out of the socket and told the hospital David fell off the top bunk. If David did anything that the mother considered bad, she would undoubtedly react with physical violence.
After a while, there was the fight for food. David’s mother routinely starved him. He responded by stealing food. When he was caught, the punishments she concocted were severe. At times she would make him throw up the food he ate, and make him lick it back up. On a regular basis, she would lock him in the bathroom with ammonia and bleach solution, which creates mustard gas. This solution is an extremely toxic chemical weapon that often results in death (Tayor, Rathouz, 2009). In one of the most grievous acts...

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