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Dawn Essay

  • Submitted by: farissa
  • on August 4, 2015
  • Category: English
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A newborn phoenix sun thrives along the horizon, radiating every touch of glow onto the verdurous land of mankind. Blended with an azure sky, a bright scarlet-red sunrise emphasizing a new beginning. A dawn that always ignite my yet to be discovered day.

Awake to the sound of my alarm, I jumped out of bed and sauntered my way to the balcony. As I opened the door of my balcony, an icy wind blusters towards me. A morning breeze electrified every single vein throughout my body as I step both feet out onto the neatly cemented square tiles that designed the platform. Skin exposed to the swift circulation of misty air; goose bumps responding to the frosty air kissing every inch of my body skin. As I took one step after another, the fresh bed of misty tile, residue of the night, brushed off my barefoot concealing it with the morning glory. Drawing myself closer towards the brilliant orange ball of gas. I could still feel the bliss of chillness from the night before, transition from the frigid of the night to the balmy of appealing morning.

Flowers and plants lay throughout the platform, from stunning fuschia lavender flowers to lilies of cameo pink decorating the balcony. New petals blooming, enlarging the surface area and pleasure in with a celebration of a new beginning like the sun resurface for a new day. The fresh aromatic scent of honeysuckle and jasmine lingered in the misty air promising an amusing day ahead.   A flock of flute-throated thrushes birds encircled the sky, flying high above as well as a group of chattering magpie choiring to a melodic lullaby like a choir of orchestra, blasting the morning off with a glimpse of excitement. A beautiful atmosphere blossomed by the glorious blooming of flowers on the ground to the jubilant lullabies hovering the sky like a diamond of stars in a midnight vault of heaven.
From the variety of flowers to adorable little birdies, a new beginning of a day is welcome with such warmth and composure.


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