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Dbq on Slavery Essay

  • Submitted by: egwuonwujayson
  • on January 7, 2013
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Jayson Egwuonwu
Acc. US History 9
Mar. 24, 2010
Period 4

Slavery in the United States
Before the founding of our country in the colonial times to 1865, slavery has always been a part of our nation.   Millions of people of African descent, including men, women, and children, were rounded up like cattle, and sold to wealthy Americans that sought a use for them. They were forced to work and didn't have a say as to whether they wanted to or not. This time honored code at one time divided this nation into two unions, and changed the minds of many Americans. The north hated slavery, while the south ensured it lived on due to the fact their whole way of life depended on it. Without slavery, they couldn't meet the demands for their new proclaimed crop: cotton. In Fredrick Douglass's speech he states, " The law gives the master absolute power over the slave. He may work him, hire him out, sell him, and in certain circumstances, kill him..." This phrase vividly shows that slaves weren't considered humans, but in fact, property for the white man to dwell upon. Slavery was a strong moral issue and still in the twenty-first century, is widely talked about.
Slavery dates way back to when slaves were first brought to America in Spanish Florida in the 1560's. They were forced to work on plantations in the southern colonies harvesting tobacco, cotton, sugar, and coffee. Though many slaves worked the fields, there were also jobs to be done off the fields. Many women and children did labor in the house such as laundry and cooking for their masters. The majority of the people in the southern states, supported slavery. To them, slavery was their economy and everyone's way of life.   In fact, in 1738 Georgia asked for slavery to be allotted   and in 1749 slavery was established there. In the document, Georgia asks for Slavery,   it states, " Therefore, the timber on the land is only a problem to those that have it, though of very great value in all the other colonies where Negroes...

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