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Dead Poets Society Essay

  • Submitted by: angelica012895
  • on October 4, 2012
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Buchanan 1

Buchanan, Angelica
T.A. Fossett
HN American Literature
Responsibility Brings Along Consequence
Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge and for that, there are teachers.   In the film, Dead Poet’s Society, Mr. Keating, the new English teacher at Welton High School, introduces the boys to a new way of thinking; Carpe Diem.   John Keating teaches his students to “sound their barbaric yawp” and find their own person.   Although Keating’s ideas mature the boys, they also force them to meet consequence for their actions.
Captain Keating influenced a number of his students including a boy named Knox Overstreet.   Knox was the all around shy boy at Welton until he began to “suck the marrow out of life.” Mr. Keating teaches the idea of romanticism through his poems and those of other poets.   Knox takes kindly to the romantics and gathers the courage to write a poem to a girl named Chris.   Keating helps Knox realize he can have anything he works for by seizing the day.
Another student that was influenced by Mr. Keating is Charlie Dalton.   He takes his teachers idea of Carpe Diem literally and uses it to gain attention.   Charlie feels that he is always in charge of every situation.   He changes his name to Nwanda to indulge himself in romanticism.   Nwanda takes “the road less traveled by” not to be an individual, but rather to gain more attention.   Nwanda finally decides to stand up for his beliefs and Mr. Keating’s teachings when he punches Cameron, resulting

Buchanan 2
in expulsion.   Keating helped Charlie find his own person in the end and “that has made all the difference.”
Keating’s student that he was most responsible for influencing was Neil Perry.   Neil always followed his father’s orders and let him decided his future; until Captain Keating came along.   In Neil’s act to disobey his father, Keating encourages him to talk to his father.   Neil is over come by his fear and lies to his teacher.   Mr. Perry takes Neil out...

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