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Deal Mate Essay

  • Submitted by: alicia00
  • on January 8, 2013
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My ideal Mate
By: Alicia Budhu
My ideal mate has to be older than me. I like my men mature and grown. He has to be successful he cannot be a bum or a low life person. I will not take care of a man he has to take care of me. I am not going if he is a bum.
My man has to know how to cook because I cannot cook for nothing so I like a man who can cook for me. I want to come home to a nice cooked meal waiting for me.   Smelling fresh and hot.   Just melts in my mouth when I am chewing my food. My man has to be nice, give me compliments, and likes to cuddle with me. I like a sweet warming man who can be loving and sweet to his girl.
I am short so my man has to be nice and tall, not too tall like a giant but that perfect tall height. My family likes a man that is the same religion as me so my man has to be Guyanese. He has to have sort hair because I hate when men have long and nappy hair. My man also has to be buff because I like it when a man has a nice and buff body and who can take care of his image. Men with chubby bodies are ugly so my man has to be in shape in order to be with me.
My man’s personality has to be fun because I don’t want a boring man. He has to be funny because I like it when my man can make me and others laugh and he also has to be loving because I love it when my man can show me some love and not be afraid to show it. He cannot have a boring personality because I will go crazy.   I like to do crazy and outrageous things so my man really has to be fun. If not then he is not the right one for me.
My man has to be in business. He has to have a career that is successful and that can support him and me. He has to make good money that will last him a lifetime and throughout his life and my life and if we have kids their lives too. He has to bring me to places and buy me things. He cannot be ashamed of me. He has to be proud to show me off. My man has to be fresh and sharp. He cannot look like crap when he is with or without me. I like it when my man...

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