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Dear Essay

  • Submitted by: donebigfish
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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In the deepest part of my heart I wish you and your family love, happiness, health and prosperity this New Year and always.   I hope when you read this letter and, possibly dissect it that you will break it down and see only that my efforts and intensions are to unite a father and daughter.   Throughout the years I have never ask anything of you or reach out to you for anything, although there has been many times where your presence and your fatherly guidance was needed so, in your absence I had to find a way to deal with all the issues that I encountered in raising a daughter fairly alone.   I have made so many mistakes in life and in raising our daughter and many times I wish I could erase all of my major short coming but, we know life, reality does not allow us this privilege but what life does allow, that I find to be even greater than erasing our pass is the ability to recognize, admit and make a sincere effort to humbly correct our mistakes this allows me to a peace of mind that, its not to late that, I have the opportunity to recognize my mistake and work tours forgiveness and improvement.   Perhaps this is the way God designed us in-order for us to evolve.   Many people do not process the ability to admit when they may have been wrong because sometimes pride works as our enemy and dominates our greater attributes love and forgiveness.   I don't know you very well after so many years’ people grow and change for better of worst and life has a way of touching us and leaving us with fractured parts in our hearts although sometimes painful to face, our heart and mind can be mended.   I’m writing to you today because I have been aware for quite sometimes of what has transpired between you and your daughter and I’m certain this is painful for you.   I do remember who you were and that is a man with a conscience and a loving heart this is what I have always taught our daughter about her father.   I can truly imagine and empathize       how difficult life may...

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