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Dear Lady Capulet Essay

  • Submitted by: ToriXoX
  • on November 13, 2012
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Dear Lady Capulet,
It was a pleasure to follow a little bit of your daughter Juliet’s life, as she was only 13 and already had very many stressful decisions she had to make. As I journeyed through I began to find that her love for Romeo was inseparable. They were two young adolescents that had a wide eye for other people, and no sooner did they land in each others arms. At Capulet’s gathering there were other people Romeo and Juliet were seeking to see, more so Romeo than Juliet. It was fate that Romeo even made an appearance, being that he is a Montague. I don’t feel like Romeo and Juliet purposely bumped into each other, Romeo was there seeking out Rosaline, and Juliet hadn’t even know of his presence. As the night got older the love between them became stronger.  
It occurred to me that Juliet’s nurse was closer with Juliet than you seemed to be. As you wanted to engage in conversation with Juliet about marriage, you needed her nurse along side with her. Why was it so hard to talk to your daughter alone? I reflect back to myself, my mom is a single mother,   If she wasn’t able to talk to me alone we would never have a normal mother to daughter conversation. Maybe Juliet doesn’t feel as if she has that mother figure in her life.

Capulet’s decision for Juliet to marry Paris did not go as planned.   Not knowing Juliet is already married to Romeo, both you and Capulet proceed for this marriage to fall into place. But why did you stand by and agree with Capulet, if you knew Juliet didn’t want to get married?

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