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Death Penalty Essay

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Death Penalty in Japan
Sheila Black
October 24, 2011
University of Phoenix

Death Penalty in Japan

    Currently the United States has 34 states that still employ the death penalty; around the world 58 countries still retain the death penalty.   The United States along with Japan are the only countries out of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, and Russia that conduct executions according to Reuters (2010).   The death penalty in Japan was abolished around the year 818 by Emperor Saga and then later reinstated 338 years later in the year 1159.   The crimes typically punishable by the death penalty in Japan are murders and treason, and executions start as early as the age of 18.   The method of execution used in Japan is by hanging.

    In Japan, death row inmates are not notified of their execution date until the morning of the execution itself.   Japan has been criticized for “the psychological strain” that has been placed on the inmates and their families over not knowing timing of the execution.   According to (Reuters, 2010) there were 7 executions in the year 2009, and 2 in the year 2010.   Death row inmates are detained throughout Japan between the detention centers of Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Sendai.   Currently as of September 2011, there are 120 inmates on death row according to (Japan Today, 2011).

    The argument for those in favor of the death penalty in Japan is similar to those of the Unites States who favor the death penalty.   “In expressing their preference for execution, 54.1 percent said the feelings of victims and their families would not be satisfied if the death penalty is abolished, while 53.2 percent said perpetrators of heinous crimes should pay for their crimes with their lives.” (Kyodo, 2010)

Breitbart. (February 6, 2010). +Record high 85% of Japanese in favor of death penalty: survey+....

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