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Death, Youth and Frivolity Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Youth, Frivolity and Death

Being young has always been associated with a certain amount of frivolity and carefree nature based on the fact that a child has little responsibility concerning their daily lives.   However as time progresses the youth is faced with a tougher reality the more they are exposed to.   One of the most difficult realizations is that of a human’s mortality, and the effect it can have on a person’s life can take on many different forms.
The epic tale of Gilgamesh is a long and beautiful story that follows a young and wild King on his journey into understanding and accepting his own mortality.   It begins with an untamed character taking all that he pleases, terrorizing whomever he pleases and squandering his young heart away for the sheer sake of squandering- For the mere fact that he knows nothing else and no one is strong enough to invoke consequences for Gilgamesh’s actions.   This sort of behavior is mirrored closely to that we see on the television screens and in our schools in modern society.   Whether it be a reality television series on your child’s favorite channel or the kind of conversation and behavior you witness walking in a school hallway.   The language, the attitude and the actions all suggest a complete lack of knowledge of consequences for one’s actions, or a blatant disregard for them altogether.
Throughout history we have noticed a common theme among young people that does, to an extent, apply to every generation and that is rebellion.   It’s the time when children begin to understand or notice the small amount of control they’ve had over their lives and begin to act out on the basis of taking on that control.   However it is a harsh double-edged sword considering they have the mental capacity to take care of themselves but lack a substantial knowledge of the reality of the world around them.   This rebellion is often coupled with a sense of invincibility that is very similar to Gilgamesh’s sense of entitlement in the...

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