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Debate Essay

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Joseph Muscarella, Julie George, Sanford Darlington, Tracy Schulman
Debate Paper
July 30, 2012
Dr. Linda Vallejo

It is predicted that in August of 2012, Facebook will have 1 billion active users. That is one-seventh of the world that is sighing into a social media network on a regular basis (Wasserman, 2012). Facebook is a growing network, and in many ways it seems to becoming more of a hindrance with the potential harm that it can cause to one’s life.   There have been various examples of jobs being jeopardized and privacy being violated that have surfaced since Facebook has become popular. Although there are positives of Facebook, are they worth the damage?   What do you all think of that?
As part of the application process potential employers conduct background investigations on their potential applicants. Today employers are taking it a step further and checking social websites. Employers want to access potential employee’s Facebook pages so they can get a sense of prospective employees and look for red flags. “The reddest flags for most employers seem to be drugs, drinking, badmouthing former employers, and lying about one’s qualifications.” (“Facebook Can tell You if A Person Is Worth Hiring,” 2012, para.). Maryland’s Division of Corrections uses a supervised visit of interviewee’s social media pages as a way to “weed out” gang related affiliations of future employees. (McCullagh, 2012). From the employer’s perspective, reviewing the social media profile of current or potential employees can ensure that their company’s image will not be tarnished by the acts of its employees. Having an unrestricted online social profile allows employers the visibility of what a person puts online. If what an employee makes public online is not in the best interest of their employer then a social media profile can be detrimental to a person’s job status.   I think this needs a real life example of when someone lost their job or was harmed by facebook.

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