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Decision in Paradise Essay

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Decision in Paradise

Decision in Paradise Part Three


Janice Johnson

February 8, 2011

Kurt Sikler

Decision in Paradise

Reflecting back to Decision in Paradise part one and two, exposed, discover the issue, describing criteria, targets and reasons, estimating the consequences of the dilemmas. According to the first and second phase of this estimation, there will be several proposals that National Health care can use to continue to accelerate in its development to the island of Kava. However, describing a point of view and plan for the implementation for reconstruction of National Health care   to establish a greater presence in Kava by understanding the factors affecting decision implementation, the resources and actions used for decision implementation and examining the ethical implications from stakeholders’ point-of-view must be considered before implementing plans.

In addition to meeting with several branches within the company, a written proposal has been used to conduct a conference with government officials. One goal is to plan a conference with all viewpoints of business in Kava, as well as management. First thing that will be done is to   identify the issues in Kava from natural disasters and diseases.   Identifying the issues in Kava emphasizes the concerns as regards to the environment and the monetary influence existing and forthcoming issues. Individuals will have the opportunity to address concerns that they may have in regards to provide safety to the population and, the infrastructure.

Although decisions are motivated by different issues, concerning individual life, physical locations, fiscal hold customers and stakeholders and finding the solutions or warning signs of issues that is more significant. National Health care have decided to implement plans to assist individuals with life threatening disease such HIV and AIDS and those with high risks for avian flu. According...

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