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Decision Making Essay

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Decision Making
Tenna Bradley

decision making
In every day life you are always making decisions no matter what it is you are doing. I am right now making a sort of big decision to change my job since I have obtained my Associates degree and journeyed on to my bachelors. I have worked very hard for the past two years with school and with work to get it.

    My first step in this is to look at the all around picture. I do school work during the day and after work at night I also help out a non profit organization for domestic violence in my free time.

    My second step is to make a great resume that is going to catch the main person that is hiring. I have done only one resume and it was for the place I used to work at to move up in position.

    My third step is to decide if I would want to stay in the restaurant business or to move away from it. I know things will not go smoothly during this implement ion. According to Batemen "Decision makers should not presume that things will not go smoothly during implementation." In which I do agree with whole heatedly. Things do not ever go smoothly in work, personal life, or in relationships. There will always be bumps in the road we travel it is how we handle them that counts.

    There is a lot of similarities with the ones in the text. I have identified what I needed to apply my associates degree to start using it. I have also identified that I have to choose if I want to stay with the field I am in now or change it. I have also asked for help from a couple of people to help me with my resume.

    Now all I have to do is implement my decision for it. Me implementing my decision will have the conclusion for a better paying job, benefits, morning hours and not night, and use my Associates I worked hard for.

Bateman, Thomas S. Management: leading and colaberating in competitive world/ Thomas S. Bateman, Scott A. snell.---9th Ed.

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