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Decision Making Essay

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Below is an essay on "Decision Making" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Making faster & better decisions
"Virtual meetings help me get my best people involved when making critical decisions"
A communication solution to support better decision making
In an increasingly online world it is no longer acceptable to have long delays in making decisions.  But it is always a problem to get the right people together to discuss the options, get everyone informed about the alternatives and then make the best decision based on the input from the whole team.  The Japanese call this getting consensus, and the process is often too long. Using virtual meetings you can quickly bring all the key people up to date in face-to-face meetings with data sharing and presentations.  Once every one understands the issues you can break into working groups that have virtual meetings to develop options which can then be presented to the total group.  There are no delays for travel and the whole decision making process can be a completed more quickly.
What are Virtual Meetings?
Just like being there
Virtual meetings allow participants to hold meetings over the internet and without travel. They allow users to see and hear each other as if they were in the same room and enable any user to share information on their computer with everyone else in the meeting.
Like physical meetings, virtual meetings must allow the range of meeting protocols from formal, where someone speaks and others listen, to open discussions where everyone can make their point.
Virtual meetings must fit in with the technology that businesses already have, from desktop computers to video conferencing equipment. They must allow participants to join wherever they are - in the office, at home or while travelling.
Why Virtual Meetings?
"Between 55% and 90% of human communication is visual"
As organisations become more dispersed the need for improved communication solutions has become critical
The common denominator for all effective organisations is excellent communications. Telephone,...

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