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Deep Creek Essay

  • Submitted by: hmfmx104
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Hailee Forthofer
Mrs. Deaton
9th grade Honors English
17 September 2012
Deep Creek
How do I even begin to describe my favorite place in the world?   It is so beautiful and peaceful there.   It’s called Deep Creek; it’s a campground we stay at every summer.   It’s a little piece of paradise hidden in the mountains of North Carolina.   When I stay there, all my worries go away.   It was so amazing that I never wanted to leave; I wanted to stay forever.  
When I first saw it, I was amazed.   Everything was so beautiful here!   The river was like liquid glass, so clear you could see right through it.   The flow of the glass-like river was constantly interrupted by the sight of big bright red tubes.   The tubes remind me of the red autumn leaves that float in the river during fall.   The mountains were so gigantic and beautiful deep green..   In the morning, the mountains were hidden by the wispy light gray smoke.  
In the morning, I wake to the sound of the glass-like river rushing over the smooth, flat rocks.   I heard the many unique birds singing there beautiful songs.   In the day time, I hear the people laughing, playing and having a wonderful time and of course the river.   The sounds of the night are my favorite though.   I hear the peaceful sound of the river.   I hear the crickets talking to each other.   All the sounds are so peaceful that they make me fall asleep the minute I lie down.   It makes me have the most peaceful dreams.
The smells there are amazing, well at least most of them are.   My favorite is the smell of hot burning campfires that fill the warm night air.   I love the sweet smell of roasted marshmallows that I find at every campsite. During the day, the campsite smells of the delicious food we make.     The rest of the time the campsite smells of the wet, soggy ground by the river. That is my least favorite smell of them all because it reminds me of the way mold smells.
I love to eat the sweet, gooey smores we make by the warm fire.   They are...

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