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Defensive Eating Essay

  • Submitted by: kunfused4life45
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Defensive Eating
Everyone has obstacles in life they need to overcome. Some more challenging than others. These life problems may be challenging to face, but they can also teach you valuable life lessons. The biggest problem of mine I've ever had to face is being able to cope with my defensive eating habits. I'm not saying that I don't still struggle with it, because it is a daily battle, but throughout my young life I have developed small solutions that help me to resist my urges.

Defensive eating is an irresistible urge where you feel the need to consume all food around you without regarding others. Going out to eat has always been tricky for me. When the people who accompanied me at the restaurant would look away, I would find myself thrusting my fork on their plate like a wild animal. This would frustrate others and make me feel horrible about myself. This was something I had no way of controlling. No matter how full I got I couldn't stop eating off others plates; I just couldn't let them have their own food.

As bad as things were in my early years, my compulsion got worse as I entered high school. No matter how much food I ate at lunch, all I could think about was going home and eating more. I just had to eat all of the snacks in my house before anyone in my family got a chance to. If someone in my household ate the last Popsicle, I found my self aggressively lashing out at them. The more I saw people eating the more jealous I became.

Fairly recently, I've developed helpful strategies to curve my defensive eating habits. One of the most effective techniques I use is when me and a friend are splitting a meal I immediately divide it in half so we both have the same amount to consume. Another strategy is simply setting limits for myself. I'll tell myself exactly how much food I can eat in a given day, and I commit myself to not going over this limit. Again this compulsion is a daily struggle so I'm not always able to respect these limits. But if I...

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