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Defining and Experiencing the Humanities Essay

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Defining and Experiencing the Humanities

Defining and Experiencing the Humanities
Humanities is the study of human culture. Humans use philosophy, literature, art, religion, music, history and language to better understand and record the world. Without the study of humanities, the people of today will not know their heritage, which makes them who they are. Growing up from different cultures, as so many of us are, I learned a lot of one race when I should have focused on all. Different cultures have different ways of showing their talent and customs, and this is through cultural events. Cultural events help capture different cultures by music or dance. I have not been to a cultural event, so I looked up a cultural dance festival and found a Native American festival, feast of the flowering moon that piqued my curiosity.
The video starts off with a woman dancing to drums and the native singers. She has a long blue dress and brown moccasins. Her black hair is parted and braided on each side. She also has two scarfs, she is holding one in her hand and one is tucked into her belt in the back. Next we see four guys singing in the native tongue and playing on drum heads, while in modern clothing. The women shown in the video dancing wear vibrant dresses full of different colors. The dresses have symbols clearly marking the Native heritage. The men dancing have bells and they ring as they dance. Bright headdresses have long full feathers, with animal fur flowing down their back. The audience is captivated by the songs and the dance movements.  
This event is an expression of humanities because this shows the art and culture of the Native Americans. They would dress up in elaborate clothing, headdresses and masks for religious ceremonies. This is no different than today’s society dressing up to go to church every Sunday. The video shows how the Native Americans used dance to show love to Mother Nature. Today Americans do not dance for rain, nor do we dance to...

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