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Deluded Hopes Essay

  • Submitted by: shogun100
  • on November 13, 2012
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For many parents the “American Dream” means leaving the world knowing their children will have it easier than they did. But how far can a hope drive you and how hard will you work for it. Ironically in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman William Loman’s quest for the American dream leads to his defeat. He often becomes depressed and filled with envy and regret due to his self-deluded perspective of becoming successful. Isn’t weird how a prosperous harmless dream can lead a man into turmoil?
Willy’s way of over working to show his sons the proper work ethic to becoming rich only   hurt them because he was continued telling them that being well liked will get you the farthest in the race to prosperity. Willy, often not home to watch the effects of his advice leads his children to take their own interpretations of his counsel. In the Death of a Salesman Willy’s over exertion in his job takes him far from what he calls fulfillment. In Act 2 Willy argues with Charley, stating that naming his past bosses’ son (Howard), should have value and could persuade Howard toward moving Willy closer to New York. Charley, in contrast, tells him that in sales no one cares about naming children. This shows how sentimental he has made his occupation and how far he has thrown himself into fulfilling the “American Dream”.
With so much stress and no one to share the load, Mr. Loman needed support from the family. Sadly on the road that isn’t always possible, “The Woman” was only one he could seem to relieve himself to. Willy’s tried so hard but couldn’t overcome being human, with the feeling of lust. When Biff came to reality with his Willy’s hypocrisy he loses faith in everything his father has said or done, doesn’t finish school, and ducks under his father’s expectation. Knowing that his son doesn’t think of him as a role model anymore, William becomes unstable an insecure. How was he to compensate for the years of anguish Biff has gone through when he was still working off to pay the...

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