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Democracy and Participation Essay

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Democracy and Participation

1. The 2 core principles of Democracy?
Popular control - rules and policies of society controlled by all members.
Political Equality - all members of society have equal influence over how rules are drawn up.

2. The 2 main models of democracy?
Classical Democracy - the word democracy has different meanings to many people but among them is - a form of government in which the people rule themselves directly.
Protective Democracy - it was during the 17th and 18th centuries that Greece focused on protecting the citizens from the encroachment of government, hence protective democracy.

3. 3 Features of participation in direct democracy?
It is direct in that the people ‘make’ policy decisions - they do not merely choose who will rule on their behalf.
It is unmediated in that the people ‘are’ the government - there is no separate class of professional politicians.
It is continuous in that people engage in politics on a regular and ongoing basis - all decisions are made by the people.

4. Most common modern form of direct democracy?
The most common modern form of direct democracy is the use of the referendum, although this is used to supplement representative democracy rather than to replace it.

5. 4 Benefits of direct democracy?
Genuine Democracy: It is the only pure form of democracy, as it ensure that people only obey the laws that they make themselves.
Personal Development: It creates better informed and more knowledgeable citizens. In sense, it has educational benefits.
End of professional politics: It reduces, or removes, the public’s dependence on self-serving professional politicians.
Legitimate Government: It ensures that rule is legitimate, in the sense that people are more likely to accept decisions that they have made themselves. When citizens make political decisions directly they have to take responsibility for them.

6. How is effectiveness of direct democracy judged?

7. 3 features of...

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