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Demon Lover Conflict Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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Demon Lover Conflict

Conflict is one of the most important elements of stories, novels and plays because it causes the action. In order to discover what the story is really about, it is important to examine those conflicts to find some ideas and themes. Conflict that exists totally within a person is called inner-conflict. It usually involves indecision, self-doubt, self-blame or some intense emotion. It is a state of mind in which you find it impossible to make a decision. It takes place within the mind of a character. In the story, The Demon Lover, by Elizabeth Bowen the major character, Mrs. Kathleen Drover, has an inner conflict. She is struggling to make a decision, take an action or overcome her feelings from the beginning of the story till the end.

The Demon Lover is a tale of one woman's introspective journey to face repressed memories of her past. The story takes place in the context of World War I and II. It is about an inward pilgrimage of Kathleen Drover who returns to her old house to pick up some things which she has left long before. Although it is not clear whether or not Kathleen Drover's return to her house is a physical journey, it is with certitude, a psychological one. She has been feeling guilty for the last twenty five years of her life. She promised to wait her fiancé the day she sent him to war. But, she could not keep it and got married and became Mrs. Drover. As the story starts, we come across with Mrs. Drover who decides to go back to her old house which has not been used since war times. She goes there to question her life. Nevertheless, she has some doubts. She has repressed all her feelings for a long time and when she is confronted with truth she does not know how to behave. She has lived so long with no balance between societal rules and personal desires. She created a false identity for herself and behaved according to the norms of society. She was expected to get married and she herself considered it as an escape. Later,...

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