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Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication
      Throughout time, humans have evolved physically, mentally, and morally.   This process could not have been possible without one fundamental ability; the capability to communicate effectively.   With advances in technology, people can communicate instantly over vast distances and to millions of people simultaneously. Although this technology will continue to progress and change, the methods of communicating in person will remain the same as prehistoric ancestors.
      The nonverbal, or demonstrative method of communication, is the process of naturally sending and receiving messages through eye contact, body language, tone of voice, and hand gestures.   Non-verbal communication has a much greater effect and higher reliability than the spoken word because of people’s capacity to interpret symbols and cues recognizable on the level of collective memory (Dumbrava & Koronka, 2009). When individuals speak, they normally do not confine themselves to the mere emission of words. A great deal of meaning conveyed by non-verbal means always accompanies oral discourse—intended or not (Wang, 2007).   Because people are different, personal beliefs, and ideals, affect this observation. This form of communication has positive and negative effects and often misinterpreted by both the sender and receiver
      Consequently, as a form of human interaction, business communication largely relies on the capacity to handle such social cues as the use of interpersonal space and body language. This supports and enhances what people communicate verbally (Dumbrava & Koronka, 2009). Body language and eye contact can communicate those unspoken cues, depending on the situation and the culture. Some cultures avoid eye contact as a form of respect, whereas others would not trust anyone who could not look at him or her directly in the eye. Eye contact can also communicate interest and desire, but a hard glare can also suggest dominance.
      Hand gestures can...

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