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Densities of Solids and Liquids Essay

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Densities of Solids and Liquids
In the experiment preformed in class, the objective was to determine the density of a liquid vs. an unknown solid.   The idea was to find the measurements of the mass and volume of the substance to determine the amount of each substance that was used during the experiment. In doing the experiment, the order we used to collect our data was first to obtain mass of two coins, then Density of unknown liquid and density of unknown metal.   The idea was to start from finding the mass and volume of the empty flask to the mass and volume of the flask with water then with metal and water and after with just the metal and lastly with the unknown liquids. From the data I have done, I would have discovered the precise name of the metal and the name of the unknown liquids that was used to do the experiment.
1. Acetone
2.   Thermometer
3. Weight scale
4. 25 ml stoppered Erlenmeyer flask
5. Paper towels
6. Distilled water
7. Graduated cylinder
8. Calculator
9. Wash bottle  
            To commence, first I gathered all the material needed to keep from being too messy with the experiment. Next I went to collect my unknown liquid and metal since the material and purpose was to find the mass and volume of them and located their place of origin from the data collected. Once all the equipment has be gather, step one was to clean the flask because a dirty flask might have an effect on the precise mass of it. To clean the flask, I used distilled water but before I used the water, I had to get the temperature of the water by using a Thermometer according to the experiment guidelines. After getting the temperature, I used the water to clean and then I air dried it. The next side was to weight the empty flask in record the numbers on a weighted scale. After recording the empty flask, I placed the metals inside the flask to get the mass of that. After that step, I added distilled water to the...

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