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Density Is Key Essay

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Status: Connected
Chad (ID: JXT) (Listening)
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Hi, my name is Roger S (ID: R0Z). How may I help you?
Reyna Nunes: Hello Roger
Reyna Nunes: I'm trying to change which tvs are connected to the DVR receiver at home.
Reyna Nunes: Is there anyway a technician can be scheduled to come over and change that for me?
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Hello Reyna.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): I will be happy to assist you with your request.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): For security purposes, would you please verify the 4 digit Security Code on the account?
Reyna Nunes: 1876
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Its not matching with the security code.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): You have hint on the account for security code as birthday.
Reyna Nunes: Birthday?
Reyna Nunes: 1817?
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Its not matching Reyna.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): For security purposes, would you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?
Reyna Nunes: Perhaps 1964
Reyna Nunes: My SSN is 1876 so I have no idea why it wouldn't work.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): I am sorry, SSN is not matching.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): For security purposes, would you please verify your receiver number? The receiver number can be located by pressing menu twice on the remote. It will be listed at the top of screen as Receiver CA ID.
Reyna Nunes: R0078023467
Reyna Nunes: That is the number on my screen when I get an error.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Thank you.
Roger S (ID: R0Z): I can schedule technician appointment, You will charge $50 for the work order and $15 for technician visit. Is it alright for you?
Reyna Nunes: What is the work ordeR?
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Its the work done by the technician.
Reyna Nunes: Is there a way I can do this from home then?
Roger S (ID: R0Z): Would you like to schedule a technician visit?
Roger S (ID: R0Z): You can contact nearest local retailer too.
Reyna Nunes: Okay, another question before I schedule a visit.
Reyna Nunes: I have...

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