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Dentist Essay

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My New Friend

One day my class and I went on a field trip to six flags. Our teachers were very happy

And nice, and that made me happy also.   We arrived and broke off with the

Chaperones we were with. We were to stay together and obey the instructions of

Mrs. Swagert. I met this boy he said this was his first time so he came with my group.
The roller coaster rides were very exiting. We screamed and hollered as the

Roller coaster rides were making thrusting and Turkish turns. Then something

Surprising happened. The roller coaster stopped in mid air and we were stuck on

This humongous roller coaster called the viper.

I was yelling so hard that the boy Joshua said, “Keep it down”. I was like “are

You crazy we are up in the about 70,000 ft. and your saying keep it down”. “Just

Keep your mouth closed I know what to do.” “Ok. Do it fast or I’ll scream even?

Louder.’’” ok. Now’s go. “Go where what are you doing thought you were going to

Try to get the peoples attention.” He took his seat belt off, and then he did something

To the bottom of the roller coaster. It was about to start, so he quickly got on the

Seat and put on his seat belt. I yelled so hard then I said, “Are you stupid you were

About to kill yourself.’’ Whatever happened, happened I’d doo anything to shut you up.”

‘’I was loud.’’ ‘‘You sure were.” Hey do you want to have lunch with my group.’’

‘‘Okay’’ joseph said.

20 minutes later we were eating. “Hey what school do you go to?” I asked

Joseph. I am transferring to Nye.” Hey that’s my school.” Do you want to hangout at?

Lunch tomorrow.” “Sure.”

When we were stuck on the ride I was friend but then saved me and the

People from that. Can you believe a boy that made a huge ride keep going is my best?


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