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Depression Essay

  • Submitted by: larrebshakil03
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Larreb Shakil
January 30th 2012
DEP 2004, Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:45
Chapter 3

“Teenage-Pregnancies- A Biomedical and a Sociocultural Approach to a current Problem”
Sylvia Kirchengast
Current Women Health Reviews, 2009

Teenage birth rates in the United States rose in 2007 for the second year in a row. Teenage birth rates in the United States are high, exceeding those in most developed countries. High teen birth rates are an important concern because teen mothers and their babies face increased risks to their health, and their opportunities to build a future are diminished. More than 10 percent of all U.S. births in 2006 were to mothers under age 20. Most teenage births are to girls ages 18 and 19. The pregnancy rate for teenagers fell 40 percent between 1990 and 2005. However, in 2005, about 725,000 teens ages 15 to 19 became pregnant, and about 415,000 gave birth. About 3 in 10 teenage girls become pregnant at least once before age 20. This can lead to serious consequences in both the mothers and child’s life.
Teen mothers are more likely than mothers over age 20 to give birth prematurely (before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy). Between 2003 and 2005, preterm birth rates averaged 14.5 percent for women under age 20 compared to 11.9 percent for women ages 20 to 29 (5). Babies born prematurely face an increased risk of newborn health problems, long-term disabilities and even death. Teenagers have not yet fully developed and matured up which can cause harm to the baby and the mother. Bringing a child into this world is not the difficult part but raising the child is even more difficult.
Teen moms have to change their whole lifestyle when they have a child. Most likely a teenage mom will have a high school diploma, if that. Now a days one cant even get a job at McDonald’s without a diploma. They don’t take care of their body as in eating right or exercising.   They tend to eat fast food and call it a night. Some teens may need to change...

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