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Depression Essay

  • Submitted by: Jicsheene
  • on January 26, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Jicsheene May C. Silaya
III- St. Claire

When depression dominates
Can’t you sleep well? Do you often find yourself thinking about your failures, illness, or other unpleasant theme? Did you experience appetite disturbance that caused weight change? Do you feel like being deprived from happiness and pleasure? Or maybe you have poor concentration or thinking to slow? Well then, you might be depressed.
Depression or better yet call it “mood disorder”, a mood disease, is a disturbance in mood. It is characterized with extreme of sudden sadness, disappointments, loneliness, hopelessness, self-doubt, and most of all, guilt. Depressed people frequently find their thoughts drifting back to things they have regretted of felt guilty about. There are two kinds of signs of depression: change in mood and vegetative symptoms. Onset of unexplained anxiety or “panic attacks”; Anhedonia-loss of ability to experience pleasure;   Nightmares about loss, pain, or death; Feeling of unhappiness that causes them to say “ I am very different now than I did when I was my usual self”, are example of change in mood. They seem to be simply miserable, irritable and short-tempered, impatient and restless, unable to relax and unable to say anything nice to anything or anybody. The second type of mood disorder symptom is vegetation symptoms- refer to the symptoms that depression causes when it interferes with the basic needs or drives of sleep, food, and pleasure. Example of this are sleep disturbance, appetite disturbance, fatigue, vague aches and pains, heaviness in chest, constipation, and psychomotor retardation( slowed thinking).   Most people tend to feel depressed at one time or another, but some people may experience these feelings more frequently or with deeper, more lasting effect. In some cases, depression can last for months or even years.

While we often talk about depression as a singular psychological disorder, there are actually several major kinds of depression....

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