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Deprivation Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on January 7, 2013
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Deprivation Experiment:
What is Technology?
Technology is the creation of tools or objects that extend both our natural abilities, and later our social environment.
The point of this assignment was to deprive ourselves from using technology for three days. Our assignment included track down and monitoring a number of things including:
  * The number of times you want to use a form of technology
  * How you feel each time you stop yourself from using technology
  * Your mood in general
  * The types of activities you are engaging in during the times you would use technology
  * How other people around you react to your deprivation

Technology we are not allowed to use:
  * Mobile
  * Laptop
  * Television
  * Video games
  * Game boy
  * Coffee Maker
  * Bonus mark: Music (iPod/ laptop/ MTV/radio/stereo)

My use of technology:
This experiment has made me realise that my everyday life revolves around technology. I have also realised that I use technology for at least 93% of the day. Before I go to school I watch the television sometimes and the monitor calls me on my phone to tell me to go down. I use my iPod and my mobile on my way to school, and on my way back home. I use my laptop and my iPod in 1st period, and I use the school computer and my phone in 2nd period; and I also use my laptop in 3rd period. When I come back home after school I use my laptop, my mobile and I watch TV.
On the first day of my experiment I was able to control myself, I didn’t watch TV, I didn’t listen to my iPod and I didn’t even use my phone. At school I used the computer for Computer technology class; however I didn’t open Facebook or any other entertainment. I worked out at the club and I used my phone to tell my mother to send the driver, however I didn’t talk to any of my friends, I ignored all my messages, missed calls and BBMS. When I got home the house phone rang and I had to answer because my mother was taking care of my baby sister and my...

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