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Des Communism Essay

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The Soviet Government
All Those Filthy Capitalists

Dear Capitalist America,
Greetings from mother Russia. All of you filthy capitalists have willingly become the victims of mindless consumerism. Under capitalism the motive of profit reigns supreme, unanswered cries of the sickly echo throughout the streets, and overconsumption runs rampant fueled by organizations hate and greed. The collective masses of America gather to worship a government of greed and corruption, blinded by promises of fortune and stature. In soviet Russia we cast out the individual, to focus on the whole organism. Only with communism can we achieve true peace, true equality, true utopia!
A man will plant his seed in winter and sweat and ache to see his work flourish in the summer months. To whom does his work belong though, “it belongs to him” says the man in Portugal, “NO” says the man in America “It belongs to everybody”, “Wrong” says the man in the Vatican “It belongs to God”. All are wrong, it belongs to everybody.
In capitalist America the Proletariats (working class), the main producer of wealth in society are perpetually exploited and marginalized by the Bourgeoisie (wealthy class). We here in soviet Russia, are free of the need for material wealth, we are a country for people where work is our wage. You will receive a wage large enough to support a happy comfortable life style, equal to those of your fellow comrade. All receive the same pay regardless of occupation, here we are free of class. Everyone is equal here in soviet Russia. Should the farmer not receive the same treatment for supplying sustenance to the people as a doctor should for providing health to the masses?
In mother Russia the proletariats are in control, no more will you be exploited at the hands of the greedy, selfish bourgeoisie, who’s sole thought is of the self. Here you can rest knowing that you will always be provided free health care, never will you have to worry about injury or illness again. With...

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