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Descriptions of Our 37th to Our 44th President Essay

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  • on January 8, 2013
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John Gonzalez

The job of a president is to enforce laws, build relationships with other nations, and most importantly put the thoughts of the American people first. As president it is his job to improve his nation to be better ready for the future and what it will hold for the nation. He does this by creating policy that will affect the relations with outside nations or the live American people, with the intention of making the United States a prosperous nation.

Richard Nixon became the 37th president of the United States during the 1969 election and until 1974. During his time in office Nixon develop several domestic policy. One of his domestic policies was New Federalism a system that directly gave power and money from the federal government and to the state government. By 1970 Nixon and his administration declared that segregation was prohibited and directly after schools in the south became desegregated. Nixon also pushed the idea of ending bus funding and called for 1.5 billion dollars programs to develop schools districts. During the Vietnam War the Vietminh was giving the Viet cong weapons and supplies through the Ho Chi Men trail, when Nixon realized this he ordered that the trail to be bombed. Another foreign policy and a success of Nixon was the SALT I treaty with the Soviet Union, with this treaty the US and the USSR would both limit their numbers in ballistic missile. A failure of Nixon was Watergate a scandal that was caused by Nixon administration where the Democratic National Committee headquarters was broken in. Nixon presidency will be remembered for lowering the tension of the Cold War with his policy of detente After the resignation of Nixon due to the Watergate scandal, Gerald Ford became the 38th president of the United State and the only president/ vice president to come into these two position without being elected. In domestic policy, president Ford main goal was to lower inflation. He did this through spending cuts,...

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