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Descriptive Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: Devon24
  • on September 18, 2012
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Descriptive Narrative
500-700 words

This essay will be focused around a person and the place that person would most likely be found. A narrative element will be included: it will either run throughout the essay or be an incident separate from the description that will help characterize the person.

You may choose someone who was or is close to you, influenced you, or someone who is just an interesting person to observe. Examples: grandparent, coach, teacher, aunt, uncle, camp counselor, pastor, employer. . .

Do not write about boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, spouse, your child . . .

In the paper, include physical characteristics of the person. Refer to as many senses as are relevant. Of course, what the person looks like is important, but choose details with meaning. If a person’s feet aren’t relevant to an overall impression, leave it out. Smell may or may not be important. For example, “After twenty years, I could identify my college roommate when she came up behind me at the reunion. ‘Shalimar,’ I thought.’ It must be Patti.’” Or, “My grandfather worked with leather so often that he smelled like the pocket of a ball glove.”

The tactile sense? “Hands as rough as tree bark gripped my fingers. ‘Please,’ he begged, “I’d rather go to a nursing home than back to the hospital.’”

What are some expressions the person uses, or what can you hear the person say? Holy cow!   Well, I’ll be switched. Awesome, dude. ‘Sup? Knock it off right now or I’ll tell your dad. . .

Got the picture? Now give the reader the picture. More details: Chrome-plated whistle around his neck, clipboard resting on one hip . . .Wiped my nose with the red and white checked apron she always wore. . .The Three stooges tie. . .Overalls and blue plaid flannel shirt. For dressy occasions he buttoned the top button of his overalls. . .Towered over us like a skyscraper. . .Too short to reach the produce bags above the tomatoes. . .

Place: Flour-covered countertop, behind a grand...

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