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Design Essay

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Mugdha Galande IMT 540 W01 October 3, 2013 This week’s theme for class is “definition and method of design”, how different authors define design, and what it means in different fields, with a specific focus on human-computer interaction. Before reading the readings, the word design to me, meant, a form of art, a blue print of how things should work in the construction business, or a methodology for research (research design) and now it means a “conversation with materials”, “is creative”, “communicates something to the user”, “has constraints” and “is iterative,”. After reading the different perspectives on design and in an attempt to understand what can design can perhaps mean, specifically in the realm of human-computer interaction, I think a design is a process with an intention, a plan and a purpose (Moggridge 2007, p.648). Therefore it can be said that a good design may be a plan well executed. Of the several definitions posited, the definition of interaction design which appealed to me is, “The design of everything that is both digital and interactive”. This definition incorporates the design of all interactions that are enabled by anything digital for example : internet or digital technology and at the same time it includes the minds of cognitive psychologists and other social scientists to work together to design a product that is useable and will hope to add value to lives of users. That is to make a difference in the lives of the humans in some way. This view also supports Moggridge (2007) “visual demonstration” (p.658) the four quadrants of the design which I thought is very insightful. The four quadrants (physical design, technical design, human subjective design and digital design) represent a different discipline and show that professionals from “human and subjective fields” and “technical and objective fields” may come together to design a product that is “both digital and interactive”. Of the different methods proposed for the design of...

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