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Designing User Interfaces for Diverse Users Essay

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Below is an essay on "Designing User Interfaces for Diverse Users" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.1 Young Children
Young internet users are often called digital natives or the net generation. Over this age group of teens over 90% is using internet. Children's attention spans are limited, they also have limited reading skills and they also find it difficult to operate keyboard and mouse. Most of online content is text based which might not be appealing or attractive to this age group so it might be better to provide other forms of media like graphics and audio which children find it interesting. Children will find it difficult to grasp concept such as folders and directories for file storage. Since knowledge builds overtime and experience is gained over such period young children tend to have little background experience in understanding some of these computer concepts. Children also prefer in engaging in collaborative environments like games and entertainment where they compete against one another or even playing online games with multiple users. These collaborative environments can help them a lot in this exercise of building knowledge and experience as they interact with their peers and different people from different age groups.
Special Needs when interacting with Computers
• Children will need different tools like joysticks and other pointing devices when participating in collaborative work and games.
• Children prefer graphics and sound to text based communication.
• Children like interactive online games where they compete with other kids in their age group to gain more knowledge and experience.
• Shared physical display helps children improve their collaborative input as this makes them aware of other player's actions and intentions.
• Flexible technology that can support a variety of activities without hindering the human interaction that assists in collaborative work.
Items designers can do to assist young children with their interaction with computer systems
• Keeping user interfaces less complex in making it simple for them to use and...

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