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Desperado Essay

  • Submitted by: kazmaster
  • on October 7, 2012
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Why did the Soviet Regime Rehabilitate Russia in the 1930’s?
Word Count – 2025

The 1930’s saw the Soviet regime resurrect the neglected “Russia”. With the policy of Korenizatsiia
and the subsequent freedom of independent Soviet Republics, the Russian nation had lost its pre-
revolution political and cultural dominance. As a result of this loss of political power and Russian
culture remaining congruent, in Gellner’s eyes, Russian nationalism would seem to have been
forgotten as a governmental policy. This is no doubt a result of its association with Tsarism and the
hope that nationalism was irrelevant, as an international revolution had been predicted. It is
important at this point to define “Russia”, as the Russians themselves translate this English adjective
into two words of distinct meaning. Rossiyskiy – a term conjuring images of dynasty and state and
russkiyis referring to people, culture and language. It was from these two concepts that Stalin
selected aspects of the previous “Russia”, predominately choosing from the latter but also still
reminding the people of aspects of the previous dynasties. He did this to serve a necessary
ideological shift but also deal with more immediate circumstances within the Soviet State. This necessary ideological shift was a response to the failure of Marxism to “catch on”. Meanwhile the practicalities of “rehabilitating Russia” involved the threat of foreign elements, the rising tensions amongst national groups within the union, the need to replace the dominance of class categorisation and the resulting need to find a new tool of unification behind state and Stalin.

Following the revolution and throughout the 1920’s many Bolsheviks believed a worldwide revolution was imminent. Lenin, therefore, had welcomed self-determination and Korenizatsiia, through which ethnic minorities’ cultures were encouraged and routes into administration were opened to them. Devolving power was important, as Lenin no...

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