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Determinants of Health Essay

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Determinants of Health
Muhammad Siddiqui

PNH 101 YG
Nancy Caprara
February 13, 2015

Determinants of Health
The most important goal for every human being is to live healthy and stress free because it significantly affects the whole household. The primary factors that influence people’s health are the living conditions they experience. These conditions are defined as the Social Determinants of Health (DOH). People are not aware of these DOHs that can shape their health. Such as stress, income, education, employment, working conditions, health services, gender, housing, and food insecurity. The quality of these DOHs can be improved by initiatives like health promotions, teaching, and learning techniques, which can be acquired by nursing intervention (Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010).
The household which is closely followed in this essay is the Riley, J. from The Canadian Neighbourhood and consist of four family members; a mother, her infant son, mother’s boyfriend and their first child together (S2, E14). The mother (Jessica J. Riley) is an 18 years old woman, who works as a waitress at a restaurant. She does not exercise and eats mostly fast food. She smokes about one-half pack of cigarettes a day. She is renting a one bedroom basement apartment. She is having a hard time handling her finances because of her low income and thus receives government aid in form of social welfare (S1, E1). The three main social DOHs which affect Ms. R are employment and working conditions, stress, and income.
Employment and working conditions could be described as “Adverse working conditions, including long hours of work and not feeling valued, may lead to excess stress. This excess stress may lead to the development of psychological and physical illnesses” (Kozier et al. 2014, p.132). The inequality between the work demands such as time management, responsibility, and its outcomes like job satisfaction and earnings often leads toward health problems (Mikkonen & Raphael,...

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