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Development Profile Essay

  • Submitted by: mlstucky7
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 2,852 words

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  Development Profile 1
[Write out numbers under 10]

                            Development   [Make sure paragraph indentation is five to seven spaces or one tab stop] Profile
Michelle Stucky
  Lifespan Development/PSYCH 500
  September 10, 2012
    Professor Debbie Jennings

  Development   [Possible incorrect indentation] Profile 2
[Write out numbers under 10]
The development profile will address the topics on children from early childhood through middle childhood. The paper will explain   [Doctoral-level comment (but recommended for any collegiate writer)--Avoid anthropomorphisms (attributing human characteristics to nonhuman or inanimate objects). Consider that no paper can "explain."] the physical changes that occur in children from early childhood through middle childhood and the factors that influence those changes, will compare these physical changes in males...

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