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Dgdg Essay

  • Submitted by: halokus98
  • on September 19, 2012
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Belize   [pic]


The first people to live in Belize where the Maya, who spread over the countrie in about 1500 B.C and flourished there in about 800 A.D. At that early time there was belived to be over 400,000 Mayans in Belize, and when Europeans setteled there the first time in the 16th century there where still some Mayans living there. Later Belize came a part of Great Brittian and joined the Brittish Commonwealth in September 21, 1981.


The Belizeian culture is inspired by the Brittish and Mexican cultures . The food is mainly inspired by British, Mexican and Western Caribbean cooking. The basic ingredients are rice and beans, which are often eaten with chicken, pork, fish or vegetables. Conch soup is a traditional dish in Belize, which has vegetables and habanero pepper which is a very common vegetable in Central America. The music of Belize has a mix of influences from Kriol, Meztiso, Garifuna and Maya people. The modern music is a form of local reggae, Hip-Hop, Heavy metal and jazz. The Art and Literature are manly originated from the Maya and are ancient relics like the pyramids.


The Belizean government insists of a Parliamental Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy. The monarch of Belize is Queen Elizabeth II, and the governer is Sir Colville Young. The leader of Belizean politics is the Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Natural Resources and Trade products

Before the 20th century all the natural resources and products of Belize depended on agriculture. Now there are more products such as arable land for growing crops, more fish and other sea life, timber and hydropower.

Famous People

Famous people from Belize are Jamaal Barrow who is a rapper born in Belize City. Milton Palacio who is a former NBA player who played at Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz. Marion Jones who is a famous runner.

Contribution & importance to the world

Belize mainly contributes to the world with its crops and natural...

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  • Submitted by: halokus98
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: History
  • Length: 522 words
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