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Diabetes Essay

  • Submitted by: Deaundra245
  • on August 3, 2015
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Hi I am Deaundra and I will be your interviewer today how are you all doing on this lovely and bright sunny Monday?
We cannot complain we are blessed to be here and ready to answer all of your question that you may have for us.
Ok let’s start by you all introducing yourselves
We are the Health Care consumers and we deal with a lot of segment populations and today we are going to be talking about cardiovascular subject dealing with Strokes.
Interesting Identify stroke for me
There are two different kinds of strokes ischemic stroke which is the most common happens when a blood vessel that feeds the brain gets blocked, usually from a blood clot. When the blood supply to apart of the brain is shut off, brain cells will die. The result will be the inability to carry out some of the previous functions as before like walking and talking. The second type of stroke is called a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel within the brain bursts. The most likely cause is uncontrolled hypertension. Some effects of stroke are permanent if too many brain cells die after a stroke due to lack of blood and oxygen to the brain. These cells are never replaced the good news is that some brain cells don’t die they’re only temporarily out of order injured cells can repair themselves over time, as the repair takes place, somebody functioning improves. Also, the other brain cells may take control of those areas that were injured in this way strength improve , speech may get better and memory may improve this recovery process is what rehabilitation is all about.
Wow that is very interesting to know what the population for stroke are.
The study population consisted of 3034 men and 4617 women of men aged 45 to 65 years with a confirmed stroke for women the figures were 74 percent.
What are the cultural beliefs about strokes?
Members of the writing group were appointed by the American Heart Association stoke council scientific statement over sight committee and represent different...

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