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Diary Entry of Boxer : Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: armana18
  • on September 20, 2012
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I’m writing a short diary entry, on the book Animal Farm, which is a novel by George Orwell which is an allegory to the Russian Revolution. I have taken a part from the novel and written a short diary entry from Boxer’s point of view about Napoleon and his rise to power in the story. In the diary entry I have put great emphasis, on how Napoleon took over and what techniques he used to bring Animal Farm under him. Another aspect I have used in this diary entry, is the language I have used to bring out the message to the reader. As Orwell has used simple language yet descriptive , thus I have used expressive words to bring out Napoleon’s character and personality.
Napoleon and his ways
Dear diary,
For the past couple days, many events have been taking place , here, at Animal Farm. First, with Old major’s death taking place, which caused great sorrow amongst the animals. After, his death, numerous questions were brought up, therefore Snowball and Napoleon stepped up and took the initiative to save the farm from being destroyed by the human beings. I thought I should have stepped to help out but pigs were given first priority to and had more power than anyone in the farm, thus I decided not to. As days passed, Napoleon and Snowball took over, and started to run the farm. Napoleon was quite different from the whole group of animals, personally I did not like him or trust ‘Animal Farm’ in his hands. Napoleon’s speeches were short and to the point, which many of us including me, who never followed what he said. Us, animals were blindfolded by him and never realized he took advantage of the lack of knowledge we had just for the his benefit now and later in the future as well. Napoleon was very smart and cunning. He always criticized Snowball’s ideas and thoughts. We would always be against what Snowball and what he would say but the thought of Napoleon trying to overcome Snowball and kick him out never came in our minds. Napoleon’s personality was the Major...

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