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Different Culture, Different Management Essay

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Fierro (2008) says that even though twins have same identity, they also have differences. Similarly, teachers in different countries are paid salary with different reward and pay structures. This essay will compare and contrast reward and pay systems for teachers in Thailand and the United Kingdom; it will focus on direct tangible rewards, indirect tangible rewards and intangible rewards. It will then identify key learning points which will be useful for a new manager commencing a career within a international organization.
People have different motivations as to why they work for their organisations. These are the rewards that they will get in return for their efforts.  
Torrington, D., Hall, L., & Taylor, S. (2005). state that total reward packages include three distinct types which are direct tangible reward, indirect tangible rewards and intangible rewards.
Direct tangible rewards | Indirect tangible rewards | Intangible rewards |
is what an employee receives in their bank account: base wage/salary,overtime, commission, merit pay, paid leave, bonuses, company profit-sharing. | often called “benefits”, refers to that part of the total reward package in addition to direct pay, such as: health & life insurance cover, retirement & pensionplans, company car, health care, health club memberships, mobile phone, subsidised meals, subsidised entertainment | Employees can see as benefits but cannot be turned into cash such as: working environment, respect, work ethics and moral reason, job security. |
Table 1
Table 1
In Thailand, the pay structure for teachers is lengthy and it is not easy for teacher from one level to another. To begins, in direct tangible rewards, from table 2 shows (see apendix1), that Thai teachers have 52 levels whether they teach inside or outside the capital city, Bangkok. A Thai law of 2007 legislates about increasing teachers’ salaries so that teacher wages can be moved to one step twice a...

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