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Different Portrayal of Love in Wyatt’s “the Long Love…” and Surrey’s “Love That Doth Reign…” Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Different Portrayal of Love in Wyatt’s “the Long Love…” and Surrey’s “Love That Doth Reign…”" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Both translations from the sonnet Rime 140 by the Italian scholar Petrarch, Wyatt’s “The Long Love…” and Surrey’s “Love that Doth Reign…” share many similarities at first glance. However, deeper analysis reveals their subtle differences and how the two poets used their versions to portray their own diverging concepts of love.
Both Wyatt and Surrey stayed rather faithful to the general conceit of love portrayed in Petrarch’s poem; and the overarching narration of love with his conquests and actions also remains close to that written by Petrarch. Just as in the original, love is personified in both poems. He is a subduer who has taken the poems’ speakers captive. He is in their “thought(s),” “heart(s),” and “face(s)” – controlling their emotions and expressions. Love’s extensive—or rather, complete—control over the speakers in the two poems persists not only in the speakers’ “hearts” and “thoughts” but also outwardly with his “banners” on their faces. He causes the speakers in the poem to act on their desire and show their affection to the lady they fancy. This endurance causes them to suffer under love’s spell because the subject of their affection not only rebuffs love’s advances but also forcing the speakers to desist their lust and desire as well. In both poems, terrorized by the lady’s wrath, love flees his captive bodies in pain to hide and vanish.
The two poems share many things in common; yet, the love that conquers in Wyatt’s poem is not the same as that in Surrey’s. In “The Long Love…,” love “harbor(s)” in the speaker’s thought, “keep(s) residence” in his heart and “camp(s)” on his face. It gives the impression that love, in this case, in merely seeking shelter in the speaker’s body. Love’s presence, though pervasive, is decisively temporary. These actions provoke images of ships ready to hoist their anchors or tenants prepared to pack their bags at any given moment. Surrey, on the other hand, describe love’s invasion of his body with words like...

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