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Difficult Things Essay

  • Submitted by: quankevinliu1
  • on January 5, 2013
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Homeless bird

    We have done many kinds of things in our lives, but sometimes it is the most difficult things that we do from which we learn the most. In my life, the most difficult things which I have hardly made ​​me forget. That is when the final examination in sports, we are exam jump. I high jump has always been very bad, I rushed to the railing, but the result was knocked over the railing, I am very depressed, because it means that sports do not get pass. I was pleasantly surprised that the teacher announced that "the students failed the exam today, tomorrow can come to make-up." I thinking: "Tomorrow I will be able to test well." To night, I tried to high jump training for a long time, I try my best, and finally I can able to jump over the railing on. From this thing, difficulties must be brave to face them, and to find ways to solve problems. I think, as long as we worked hard, that you can't overcome the difficulties.
  In the homeless bird, Koly was an unfortunately girl, the most difficult thing for her is that she arranged marriage to a sick boy, Hari. In the beginning of the story, Koly is a teenage girl, she marred to a terrible family, life was become difficult, but she never give up; even she faces anything in her life. After Hari’s death, Koly become a widow. Sass abandons Koly at the city of widows, Koly feeling beyond hope in her lives, but fortunately, a kind boy helped Koly to get a job, and inspired Koly. Finally, Koly become very independent, she working for her own money and saving up for a home of her own. However, Koly learned many things as well. She had learned never giver up for her lives, she had learned nothing is impossible in the life. Therefore, when difficult things come to you, please insist your will and find you way, I hope you can learn the most from them.

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