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Dignity Essay

  • Submitted by: wiiman3040
  • on September 18, 2012
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“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them”. Aristotle also believed that dignity isn’t about possessing medals and awards. It’s all about why you have them and what you have done to deserve them. More and more today I am seeing so many people that don’t have the dignity anymore. People are losing their morals and their sight of what is right or wrong. Girls are exploiting themselves all over the internet. Men are beating their wives and children. Dignity is having self-respect and good morals. Not bringing others down to make you feel better.
My grandma and I are pretty close, and a while ago we were talking about how different the world is now that I am growing up in, compared to the way she grew up. She said that we don’t have morals anymore and that it’s a shame that my generation has all this technology because we don’t know how to interact with people personally, and so we don’t have manners anymore. She said that she didn’t understand how my generation had so much dignity for being so ill-mannered and uneducated in politeness. I then said that not all of us don’t have manners, or know how to be polite, and some of us do know how to interact with people on a personal level. If we don’t know how then it’s because the generation before us didn’t educate us in these areas. A lot of children today are growing up without a mom or a dad. Or with mom and dads who aren’t even ready to have a child. Then she retaliated with saying my cousin turned out just fine and she didn’t have a dad growing up. I said that she had a fatherly figure in her life when she was ten, and since then her behavior has changed. She used to be wild and didn’t care if she got in trouble or what consequences were for her actions and would be so independent. Now she needs someone with to do just about everything because she is scared of everything. She avoided replying to this and said that I still didn’t answer her question of how we still have dignity. I said that...

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