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Diogenes Syndrome Essay

  • Submitted by: Kellyjo77
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Diogenes Syndrome
Kelly Jo Dickinson
PSY 303: Abnormal Psychology
Instructor: Elin Der-Hacopian
September 11, 2012

DIOGENES SYNDROME                                                                                                         1

              Diogenes Syndrome is also called a senile squalor syndrome, it is a rare condition
    Where a person fails to look after their personal cleanliness and hygiene, this is found mostly
    In Elderly but also in young, it’s where people live in a life of rubbish, vermin, social Withdrawal. (Dimov, 2006)      
                This disease can be classified as a primary or secondary, primary Diogenes
    Syndrome has no mental disorder component, to be a secondary the person will also have
    Dementia, Schizophrenia, or another mental disorder. (Dimov, 2006)   The main symptoms of Diogenes syndrome is self-neglect, lack of self-consciousness, hoarding and aggressiveness

DIOGENES SYNDROME                                                                                                             2

              Most of the literature that I have found on this syndrome is based on cases
      Recruited from healthcare services and the etiology of this syndrome are still unclear.
        It has been shown that the syndrome is mostly caused as a reaction to stress, and the
    Symptoms suggest damages to the prefrontal areas of the brain, due to the relation to decision
    Making, reasoning, and conflict monitoring. (Cooney, 1995)
        Many of the patients deny any help or treatment, because they don’t think they have a
    Problem, in some cases, especially those that have the inability to move refuses help from
    Others even though they cannot manage to look after themselves. Hospitals and Nursing
  Homes are often considered the best treatment under those circumstances, under care patients
  Must be treated in a way in...

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