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Disneyland Trip Essay

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  Recycling in Today's Society

Did you know that if we don't increase recycling our environment will suffer at a record rate. In the process of recycling,what man y consider trash is a product that can be used to create new items. Since many communities don't have special place to collect the old products , the government has been considering making recycling centers mandatory. For today's society, recycling would be very smart and helpful decision. There are three things recycling would have great effort on; pollution, money, and the population of humans. With the help of recycling, not only will recycling benefits communities it will also benefit the world. With the help of recycling pollution will be greatly reduced. Currently there are ten states that have bottle deposit laws. Studies show each of those states have highly reduced their pollution because people return the bottles instead of throwing them away. If every state had a deposit law, and mandatory recycling centers the earth would be a beautiful place. Also with these laws and recycling combined, pollution could could be put to an end.

Recycling saves money and recycling can save the local l government and people money. The money we spend on landfills would be much less since the dumps grounds will fill up slower. Therefore, the city will not have to buy or used other land for a garbage dump. This is definitely   a cost save. Furthermore the city will not have to pick up the trash as often, and therefore the town will also   save money on gas. Since the city is saving money, taxes will decrease, us the citizens of the town will also save money. Finally, humidity will benefit from recycling. In fact, one   of the major reason recycling has become such a big issue is because it is beneficial to the health of   the citizens. If people are not forced to recycle, the overall health of the nation will be affected. Waste that produce will help destroy people's health. It is...

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