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Diversity Essay

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  • on August 4, 2015
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The Importance of Understanding Diversity

Megan Clarin

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Close your eyes and imagine this situation: You’re in a conference room filled

with your facility administrator, clinical coordinators, and fellow employees. Your

facility administrator, or FA for short, is wrapping up the end of the meeting by allowing

anyone to voice any issues or concerns. There’s several seconds of silence, and just when

you think the meeting is over and no one intends to speak, a fellow employee clears her

voice to talk. She, a Filipino nurse, begins to voice her issues regarding lack of teamwork

and laziness, and that there’s more complaining than actual work being done, when

working with certain employees. She also has the boldness to state, “of course they’re

either black or Hispanic employees.” As soon as that particular statement is said aloud,

those of black or Hispanic background stand up and begin a large commotion towards her

comment. The FA, along with the clinical coordinators and unbiased employees, attempt

to control an aggressive, conflicting argument. The FA then asks that everyone, except

the Filipino nurse, return to their assigned work stations.

The situation described is an example as to why “understanding and managing

diversity” (Allard & Harvey, 2012) by managers and professionals in a business setting is

extremely important. In this situation, the FA has a huge responsibility in “being able to

manage and have an emotional connection towards distinguishing differences and

conflicts with 100% energy, commitment, tolerance, and appreciation among all involved

parties” Parker’s work (as cited in Allard & Harvey, 2012). It is the job of the FA to take

charge in properly “managing differences and engaging in conflictual behavior within her

workplace in order to avoid high stress, individual withdrawal, limited learning,

interpersonal tension,...

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